Happy Monday peeps!

I know you’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat”…Well, to a big extent it is true.

I tell my students and clients to choose food that will nutritionally fuel them. Think of food as gas (no pun intended) like your car. You need good quality gas to get you through your day and feel good.

Junk food and fast food are typically cheap because there is less quality there. It’s a quick fix. Not that you have to spend your life savings and 401k to eat well, but it may cost more in preparation, time, and effort in searching for nutrient rich products.

Your body is the only one you get.
Treat it as such.

More veggies, less fats, limit animal protein (find less fattening proteins like beans), no soda, less sodium, less alcohol, less dessert-more fruit.

That’s nutrition in a nutshell! Nutrition has more depth than this, but you can at least reprogram your thinking and jump start your new goals today.

Benefits: More natural energy, clearer skin, better sleep, stronger bones-hair-nails-teeth, lower body fat percentage, less inches, less weight, less dependency on medications, more muscle tone, a longer and healthier life! How can you resist?!

Don’t! Now go donate the stuff you won’t need any longer and reprogram your fridge and cabinets…