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Create Your Own Day



“Are you tired?”…NO!

For years when I’ve trained people (and I’ve even noticed this in normal everyday interactions), I’ll greet someone and ask how they are doing and their response is “Tired”.

One of the fastest ways to feel tired is to say you’re tired. So stop it!

If you are feeling low energy: Do some things to bring you back into energy!

My faves:

  • Exercise! Even if it’s a minute of jumping jacks…get your blood pumping.
  • Drink some water. Ice cold. Shock yourself back into the present.
  • Take a power nap. 15-30 minutes tops. Don’t over do it or you’ll feel even more groggy afterwards. Unless you’ve been sleep deprived-then try to catch up. More importantly, try to get the same amount of full sleep every night.
  • Meditate for 5-10 minutes. You don’t even need to close your eyes. Just sit still and comfortably. Breathe deeply and find peace.
  • Pranayama-yoga breathing. Full, deep breaths for approx. 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out. Maximum capacity of the lungs, slowly.
  • Step outside-stand in the sun! Vitamin D. Be like a lizard and let the sun do its thang! ☀️
  • A cup of hot green tea. REAL green tea. No sugar. Honey if you need some sweetness.
  • Play with your pet. Nothing beats feeling tired like a walk with your pup or a game of catch.
  • Laugh. Watch a comedy special, a comedy podcast, go to your friend or coworker who is great at jokes (there’s always one!) and get a good laugh in.
  • Duh! DANCE PARTY! Put on your fave song and rock out (stay safe if you’re driving 😬😂) or go full out at home or in your office. If someone sees you, say “You’re welcome! Next time, I charge you! 😂”.

Try a few or all of them next time you find you’re struggling with your day!

Monday Mindset

Start your #Monday off on the right foot! *Or left foot if you’re like me 😂 #dadjoke. 

Your #MondayMindset is HUGE. This week is going to be awesome. Monday is the best because you’ll get sh*t done! Revamp your norm. Change your thoughts. Go kick some ass 🙌🏾✨ #motivationalmonday #bebadass #intentions #myfavekicks #💛 #bruceleeshiet  

Saturday’s 9:30-10:30am you can get MIXed at: 5370 Napa St. SD, CA 92110 inside Aerial Revolution! Only $15. 

Online registration highly recommended: click STUDIO INFO tab and register 🙌🏾✨

See you there!

Just Believe


Come train with me!

Come train with me everywhere 😂🙌🏾#SouthwesternCollege





#Auditions for the Grossmont Faculty #Dance Concert are this Friday 1/29, starting with my auditions (#ContemporaryJazz) at 2pm ✨

Special thanks to @rnmedinaphoto for this capture 💛

📷: @rnm_photography_sd




Register for my classes at Grossmont College and Southwestern College! 

Grossmont starts 1/25!

Southwestern starts 2/1!

I’ll be teaching Yoga, Bodysculpting, Aerobic Dance and Jazz. 

Email me for more details: 


Repost: Think and Grow Prosper

The MIX Technique has a new home! I am happy to announce that starting Saturday 2/13/16, The MIX Technique will be in residence at Aerial Revolution.
I started studying at Aerial Revolution last year and loved the energy. Studio owner, Jessica Flores, is a beautiful spirit and I am happy to be working with her.

Their dance room space is being renovated in the next few weeks so classes will begin on 2/13 in the lovely, new space.

Once I receive feedback from my clients regarding additional days and times, I will add on as I see fit. Until then, I am starting with Saturday mornings 🙂  

All client registrations and class enrollment will continue to take place via our MINDBODY site (link on website). 

Any inquiries? Please continue to direct them to me: or The MIX Technique business line: 619-643-2094 and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Find us at Aerial Revolution: 5370 Napa St. San Diego, CA 92110. Saturdays 9:30-10:30am! First class begins 2/13/16. Register online now!
Single class rate: $15

Class packs available on MINDBODY.

Check us out, we’re in the MINDBODY app too! (Just search “MIX” in San Diego).