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Saturday’s 9:30-10:30am you can get MIXed at: 5370 Napa St. SD, CA 92110 inside Aerial Revolution! Only $15. 

Online registration highly recommended: click STUDIO INFO tab and register 🙌🏾✨

See you there!


Just Believe


Come train with me!

Come train with me everywhere 😂🙌🏾#SouthwesternCollege





#Auditions for the Grossmont Faculty #Dance Concert are this Friday 1/29, starting with my auditions (#ContemporaryJazz) at 2pm ✨

Special thanks to @rnmedinaphoto for this capture 💛

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Register for my classes at Grossmont College and Southwestern College! 

Grossmont starts 1/25!

Southwestern starts 2/1!

I’ll be teaching Yoga, Bodysculpting, Aerobic Dance and Jazz. 

Email me for more details: 


Repost: Think and Grow Prosper

The MIX Technique has a new home! I am happy to announce that starting Saturday 2/13/16, The MIX Technique will be in residence at Aerial Revolution.
I started studying at Aerial Revolution last year and loved the energy. Studio owner, Jessica Flores, is a beautiful spirit and I am happy to be working with her.

Their dance room space is being renovated in the next few weeks so classes will begin on 2/13 in the lovely, new space.

Once I receive feedback from my clients regarding additional days and times, I will add on as I see fit. Until then, I am starting with Saturday mornings 🙂  

All client registrations and class enrollment will continue to take place via our MINDBODY site (link on website). 

Any inquiries? Please continue to direct them to me: or The MIX Technique business line: 619-643-2094 and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Find us at Aerial Revolution: 5370 Napa St. San Diego, CA 92110. Saturdays 9:30-10:30am! First class begins 2/13/16. Register online now!
Single class rate: $15

Class packs available on MINDBODY.

Check us out, we’re in the MINDBODY app too! (Just search “MIX” in San Diego).

Happiest New Year!

Hi followers! Took a little break during the holidays and now I’m back…Had an interesting 11 days of 2016 already! Full of new goals and challenges that I want to conquer. I’m so excited and open to these new challenges because I know, although it may be difficult and uncomfortable, that I will become stronger for pushing through. I invite you to jump head first into some challenging goals for yourself this year. Go big or go home! 🙌🏾✨



Dream Big 


Push Yourself

Sometimes people stick to what is comfortable because trying something new can be scary. Push yourself: I try to live in this zone. At the end of the day, I don’t want to look back and think, “Wow, today I was so comfortable and everything felt the same”. 

Boo. No thanks.

At the end of the day, I want to feel challenged, pushed and as though I learned something new-about my abilities, myself or a new outlook. 

Cross train so that you are ready for anything: Zombies, bad guys or simply…life. When we are physically equipped to handle stress and the ability to move the body (in a healthy, strong way) we feel tougher and can handle more! Why wouldn’t you want that?! 🤔

So, gym time is not just gym time. It’s YOU time…Meditation time…goal setting time…stress relieving time. 

Go. Push yourself.