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Wake up!

Wake up with an urge and a fire to do whatever it is that drives you. Take the time to figure it out-what motivates you? What can’t you stop thinking about? What pulls your attention when you’re focusing on the thing that kinda holds your interest? What are you always talking about, daydreaming about, journaling about? 

Stop blaming the choices that you’ve made and saying that’s the reason you are where you are. We ALL have those. So what? 

Some of us decide to quit bitching and start doing. And you can start at any moment. Whatever the fuck you want, you can have. But you have to want it. And you have to eat, sleep, breathe it. No excuses. 

Think about it.


Adult language, deal with it.



The MIX Technique has a new home! I am happy to announce that starting Saturday 2/13/16, The MIX Technique will be in residence at Aerial Revolution.
I started studying at Aerial Revolution last year and loved the energy. Studio owner, Jessica Flores, is a beautiful spirit and I am happy to be working with her.

Their dance room space is being renovated in the next few weeks so classes will begin on 2/13 in the lovely, new space.

Once I receive feedback from my clients regarding additional days and times, I will add on as I see fit. Until then, I am starting with Saturday mornings 🙂  

All client registrations and class enrollment will continue to take place via our MINDBODY site (link on website). 

Any inquiries? Please continue to direct them to me: info@TheMIXTechnique.com or The MIX Technique business line: 619-643-2094 and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Find us at Aerial Revolution: 5370 Napa St. San Diego, CA 92110. Saturdays 9:30-10:30am! First class begins 2/13/16. Register online now!
Single class rate: $15

Class packs available on MINDBODY.

Check us out, we’re in the MINDBODY app too! (Just search “MIX” in San Diego).

Happiest New Year!

Hi followers! Took a little break during the holidays and now I’m back…Had an interesting 11 days of 2016 already! Full of new goals and challenges that I want to conquer. I’m so excited and open to these new challenges because I know, although it may be difficult and uncomfortable, that I will become stronger for pushing through. I invite you to jump head first into some challenging goals for yourself this year. Go big or go home! 🙌🏾✨



Dream Big 



Motivate Monday 2/9/15

Set your intentions high!

Motivate your Mondays!


Goals before hoes and bros. 👊

You cannot see change in your life if you do not change habits that no longer suit you…



Intention Setting

Start your Monday off with a clear focus of intention. Create your goals daily which will lead to a week full of goals slayed! 💪

Eye on the prize!