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The “core” is the most important area of the body to strengthen. The center of the body, once strong, allows the limbs to follow suit. Work on stomach muscles, fat burning and back muscles to become hardCORE in this class! Tuesdays at 4-5pm at MIX


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You don’t want to miss this FREE event: Fri 7/1, 6pm, Yoked Yoga™ (a kick your a** 6-6:50am, heated, power yoga sculpt class).


Dig it, then register for our July session beginning 7/5: T/TH 6-6:50am. Yoked Yoga was on our first schedule in 2009, now it’s back! Come see what the buzz is all about in this pm freebie!



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The MIX Technique™ is a 60-minute workout class blending elements of Ballet barre, floor barre, Pilates and Yoga. Created by professional dancer, certified personal trainer, certified Yoga instructor and author, Lesa G. Williams. Exclusively at MIX (www.LMGDANCEANDFITNESS.com for studio info and list of classes).

The purpose of this blog is to share cutting edge information with the public regarding our class offerings, studio events and to provide an overall sense of well being to our fans and students via health, meditation and self-esteem tips.

TheMIXTechnique.wordpress.com is here to help you become the best version of YOURSELF…Through fitness, nutrition and self empowerment!

So, Chin up…Chest out…Deep breath in…Let’s get empowered!!!