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Wake up!

Wake up with an urge and a fire to do whatever it is that drives you. Take the time to figure it out-what motivates you? What can’t you stop thinking about? What pulls your attention when you’re focusing on the thing that kinda holds your interest? What are you always talking about, daydreaming about, journaling about? 

Stop blaming the choices that you’ve made and saying that’s the reason you are where you are. We ALL have those. So what? 

Some of us decide to quit bitching and start doing. And you can start at any moment. Whatever the fuck you want, you can have. But you have to want it. And you have to eat, sleep, breathe it. No excuses. 

Think about it.


Adult language, deal with it.



Monday Motivationals


…And if you don’t, start now 💪
You can do this.

Late post 12/29/14


Real 💯👌



Focus on the positive 😊

Own it 💁

Own your fabulous-ness. Period.


Monday Motivate


Then change it! Who says Mondays have to be bad? Change your attitude, change your perspective! Start your day with some yoga and your frown will turn upside down 😃