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Instead of dreading the “to-do’s” of Monday, look forward to achieving them as though it were Saturday.

Everyone looks forward to Saturday! No one ever says “Ugh…I wish it weren’t a beautiful, sunny Saturday!”

Changing how you connect emotionally with things that may appear daunting can change your experience.

Of course, being a resident of San Diego, CA-makes it a little easier on a sunny day to pretend it’s Saturday on a Monday….But sorry. You’ll just have to dig deeper into your imagination bag 😁

Think of how accomplished you’ll feel and how relaxed you’ll be after crossing things off your list.

Reprogram your Monday mindset!

Happy Saturday thinking! 😜


If you believe, you can achieve!

That’s it. No fancy extra philosophy.

Get up and go do.


Monday Motivate!

When you decide to make something happen, MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

Don’t sit back and wait…
Don’t ask other people who could potentially talk you out of your dreams and goals…
Don’t get sidetracked by stupid sh*t!

Create a plan, a strategy…then light the fire under your ass.

Be inspired, be strong, tunnel vision.

Now go do!!!!