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Workout Wednesday 1/28/15

Try this on for size…4 rounds 💪
Weights added for increased difficulty.
PS, don’t forget your fruits 👍

Questions? Comment below 🙌




So I caught the flu that everyone has been breathing around town BUT since I keep myself healthy (nutrition and fitness), it only knocked me done for a moment! 💪 So I’m back!

Here’s a partner workout to try with a friend 👯

Throw downs refers to the exercise where one partner is standing up and the other partner is laying down on their back holding onto standing partners ankles for leverage.

Make sure you alternate partners between each listed exercise. The Plank Walks are basically wheel barrows (one person in plank, other person standing holding their ankles as they walk on their hands).

Everything is “40”.

*Bonus exercise: You have to register for my Spring 2015 Grossmont Aerobic Dance Class to find out 😉