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Each exercise is done 30 times 

*Side plank elbow to knee is done 15 times on each side. 

*Roll v-up: starting on back in a 6-inch hold (like a hollow hold or banana) roll full circle to your right (over stomach to back) and from laying your back do a jack knife (toe touch/v sit). Repeat rolling to left. 30 times.

Repeat entire workout 3 times. 

Questions? Comment below and I’ll help 🙌 #themixtechnique 


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Workout Wednesday

Here’s a fun workout to try based on numbers as opposed to time. Try it on and see how many rounds you can complete. Questions? Comment below…Btw: V sits are also Jack knives and V jumps are basically a squat where you jump and legs straighten in the air before you have to bend to land in squat again! 🙌