Repeat this cardio and muscular endurance series 3-5 times 👌

Warm up and cool down always.
If you have access to weights, incorporate them 🙌

High knees in place 30 secs
Curtsy Squats alt. 1min
Burpees 30 secs
Push up, Spider-Man alt. 1 min
Jumping Jacks 30 secs
Bicycle for 8, Jack knife pike alt. 1min
Mountain Climbers 30 secs
Squat w/ knee up alt. 1 min
External oblique twists 30 secs
Side plank rotation (30/30) 1 min
Squat jacks (like a jumping jack but w/ a squat) 30 secs
Nike swoosh crunches (lay on back and open legs to middle split) side crunch same knee to same elbow-extend back to starting position then do other side. 30 secs one side, 30 secs other side
Alternating stationary lunges 30 secs
V jumps in place (start in squat, legs stretch straight while you’re in the air, looking like a V) 1 min