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Workout fun 👍


Workout Wednesdays:
Quick Workout!
It took majority of my students 13-18 mins to finish this workout once. Try to aim for under 15 mins. If one round is easy, do two 😃 Enjoy!


Do it!


Burpees Madness!!!

Ok, don’t hate me after this one 😬

You and a partner.
Partner A: Does 10 burpees
Partner B: Does the listed exercise for as long as it takes Partner A to complete 10 burpees.


Then switch roles.

Here is the list:
Squat hops
Push ups (travel right, travel left)
Full sit ups
Duck skips (side side)
Chaturanga pulses (half push up)
Jack knives
Squat-kick leg back (alternating)
Tripod/Plank switches
In & Outs (on butt, legs off floor-out/in)

Here’s what it will look like, sequence wise:

Partner A 🚶 10 burpees
Partner B 💃 Squat hops as long as it takes for her partner to finish 10 burpees.

Next, Partner B 💃 does the 10 burpees
Partner A 🚶then does the squat hops as long as it takes for his partner to finish 10 burpees.

Do that for each listed exercise. Takes about 20 mins with a good warm up. You and your partner can decide if you want to go for round 2 or 3 👍
Created by Lesa M. Green

*Solo? Do the 10 burpees then do a 60 second timer for the listed exercise 💪

Have fun!

Listen to Arnold…


Bwahaha 😝 jokes. Wear gloves if you need to and don’t get injured but callouses never hurt an athlete. Hands or feet! #dancers #weightlifters #work

We workout so hard and push ourselves to the point of exhaustion…But have you Savasana’ed?

Savasana is the Corpse Pose at the close of Yoga classes. You allow your mind to clear and you just relax. Breathe, close your eyes, lay down and melt into the floor.

Everyone should Savasana at least once a day.

Start off with a few mins, then increase your time. Enjoy and Namaste. Continue reading

Burn it up! 🔥

Try this workout and repeat 3-5x.

Follow the left column, then the right column.

The targets are legs, arms and abs.

Muscular endurance exercise vs. static type exercise.

You’ll feel that sweat dripping down like crazy on the static type exercises. These are your “rest” exercises.
It’s in quotes because you’re not really resting 😜.

Burn it up!


Have you heard?

Sore is the new sexy!

It’s Workout Wednesday ya’ll…Spring Break is almost upon us (and some of you are reading this whilst chilling beachside already on Spring Break) so here is a workout I did with my classes yesterday to focus on the abdominal area.

Let’s just say, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. Hello six pack!

This workout will have your friends saying, “Look at you in your new internal corset lookin’ all tyte like a tiger!” If your friends speak that way 😜


All you need is 45-60 mins, an open space, mat/towel and water.

I like to incorporate a jog before to get the heart rate up-run for approx 5-10 mins depending on your experience and then begin (Repeat this circuit 3 times):


Hello world!

Thanks for checking us out!

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So, Chin up…Chest out…Deep breath in…Let’s get empowered!!!