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Workout Wednesday 11/18/15

Sometimes you just have to start. 

And take it from there. 



Werk 11/11/15

Workouts don’t have to feeeeeel like work necessarily…well, you don’t have to hate it. My favorite things are dance, yoga and circuits…so those are usually the workouts I do. If you have no idea what you like, play! Get out there and see what works for you-makes you get up and WANT to do it-and then do it daily! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Get motivated-Happy Workout Wednesday! ✨

Workout Wednesdays 10/21/15

Follow the chart, according to Bruce Lee, on whether or not you should be practicing right now 💪🏽 He’s one of my favorites.


Most of my Workout Wednesday posts are about actual workouts I have created…I think it’s important to discuss nutrition also! 

Who says fast food has to be junk? Here is a pic of my quick and easy Soyrizo salad, fruit and peanut butter that I made for my short break today between classes.

Healthy, clean, tasteful, energy food ❤ 

Here’s the deal…You need 1 or 2 buddies for this one. Left column: Partner A does, while B and C do the right column (keep going until Partner A is done). Each person gets to act as Partner A (so if you are a trio, you will do the right column twice).   

 Have you been looking for a new, quick, portable, yummy protein! I am a huge fan of Pocket Protein. Check them out on http://www.PocketProtein.com I’m extremely picky about protein and things I shout out-so you know it’s legit. Find them at Ralphs if you’re in Cali! 

Do 3-5 sets! Go! 🙂


Ok! I’m stoked about this workout. I tried it with my college kids and they loved it. Meant for a group class setting, need groups of 3-5 for fun 👌. I’m all for sharing workouts, just give credit when due 🙌 THANKS!

I’ll explain this with a group of 4. 

Assign each member a number (1-4). 

The first exercise listed is LAP. If you have a safe outside running track or any space to run, the lap should be no more than 1-2 minutes. 

Partner 1 will start the LAP. Partners 2, 3, & 4 will do WALL SQUAT until partner 1 returns. When partner 1 returns, partner 2 takes their LAP. Partners 1, 3 & 4 continue with the WALL SQUAT. Repeat until partners 1-4 have done the lap. The partner running the lap is setting the time, so keep it quick! Your team is waiting on you! Moments of rest and sips of water while doing the wall squat, etc. is ok. 

Next, move onto the LAPS and BURPEES. Repeat the same formula until done. You’re welcome! 👋

Workout Wednesday 2/25/15

This Saturday, 2/28, 1-2pm at 2971 India St., SD, CA

Come take The MIX Technique!

Seen on FOX 5 and KUSI, this workout will get you into dancer-bod-status!

Barre, Yoga, Cardio, Pilates and Horton Modern…See what we’re all about. 

Only $15 for a 60 minute all-over-body workout. Register online to expedite check-in via http://www.TheMIXTechnique.com or we’ll see you at the door!

Workout Wednesday 2/11/15

Weerrkk it! Everything is 60 seconds except for the 50 squats. The squats are numbered, so power through them as quickly as you can, in good form 👍 Repeat 4x.
Questions? Comment below and I’ll clarify anything 🙌