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Register for my classes at Grossmont College and Southwestern College! 

Grossmont starts 1/25!

Southwestern starts 2/1!

I’ll be teaching Yoga, Bodysculpting, Aerobic Dance and Jazz. 

Email me for more details: info@themixtechnique.com 



Workout Wednesday 2/25/15

This Saturday, 2/28, 1-2pm at 2971 India St., SD, CA

Come take The MIX Technique!

Seen on FOX 5 and KUSI, this workout will get you into dancer-bod-status!

Barre, Yoga, Cardio, Pilates and Horton Modern…See what we’re all about. 

Only $15 for a 60 minute all-over-body workout. Register online to expedite check-in via http://www.TheMIXTechnique.com or we’ll see you at the door!

Meet me at the #barre

#barre workouts are all the rage…
But you haven’t tried my format yet and you need to…so grab your best hommies, a towel, your yoga mat, water bottle and don’t miss out on my last two The MIX Technique Master Classes! $10 cash…barre, ballet, yoga, Pilates, Horton modern and some serious body sculpting and cardio to lift your tush, tighten your internal corset and give you some mean, long, lean dancer arms and legs.




Yoga Bridal Bliss™
now offered for MIX!

Book a private session for brides to be and her bridal party with “evening before” or “morning of” relaxing, blissful yoga.

Come zen before your big day!

The MIX Technique®
Master Class is scheduled for 7/30 Wednesday 730-830pm. Open level, open to the public, only $5! Bring a towel and your yoga mat to:
Ballet Center West
1619 W. Lewis St in Mission Hills,

This class is a fusion of Ballet basics, Yoga, Pilates, and Horton modern.
Have you always wanted to look like a dancer and achieve those long, lean, strong muscles? This is the workout for you…Men and Women welcome!


Then change it! Who says Mondays have to be bad? Change your attitude, change your perspective! Start your day with some yoga and your frown will turn upside down 😃


We workout so hard and push ourselves to the point of exhaustion…But have you Savasana’ed?

Savasana is the Corpse Pose at the close of Yoga classes. You allow your mind to clear and you just relax. Breathe, close your eyes, lay down and melt into the floor.

Everyone should Savasana at least once a day.

Start off with a few mins, then increase your time. Enjoy and Namaste. Continue reading

If you are a new fitness enthusiast, (welcome 😉) you may feel overwhelmed by all of the different formats, styles, classes, studios and gyms.

Be true to what you like and enjoy and fitness results will come easier.

Enjoy dance? Try out a dance themed class or studio (check out www.themixtechnique.com for ballet, barre, yoga fusion…created by yours truly 😊).

Enjoy extreme buttkicking? Try out the ever popular boot camps sweeping the nation.

Need some peace with a gentle-to-hardcore-level of toning? Try yoga.

But whatever you try, make sure it sparks your interest. We succeed best at the things we enjoy.

Trust me…You CAN and SHOULD enjoy your workouts. And the results will be even more pleasant.